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I can help your organisation embrace the digital world

I've lived and learned the lessons about leading successful digital transformation as a Director at a major charity and working with some of the most important organisations in our society.

Bring my experience into your organisation.


Work with Gareth Ellis-Thomas

Strategy development

Digital transformation and innovation strategies work when they directly link to your organisational goals. I'll help you develop a strategy that you can activate and turn into a reality.

Stakeholder engagement

For successful, long-lasting change you will need to identify, understand and get buy-in from senior stakeholders and the people you work with. I can help you engage them at the right time, in the right way.

Coaching and mentoring

I can coach and advise you on how to be a more effective and confident digital leader. Whether you're leading a project or a team, I can give you practical support for your digital challenges.

Workshop facilitation

Digital transformation is a team sport. It's about solving the challenges your organisation is facing and there are some simple, tried and tested methods to combine the power of your greatest asset - your people - in doing that.

Solution design and approval

Making choices about which direction to go is one thing, getting approval and funding for them is another. I can help you plan your way forward and prepare a successful case for change.

Solution delivery and stewardship

If we work together, I don't just want to leave you with a pretty report (although I can do those). I can help you by delivering or finding the most effective way to deliver your plans. 

The impact of digital transformation I have led

Delivered  services to 1000s in need

Mobilised a nation behind a cause

Raised millions of pounds of income

Saved 1000s of hours in efficiency

Let's get together and talk about how your organisation can embrace the digital world 

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