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About Get Digital


  • I've successfully built business cases, budgets, teams and organisational momentum around the need for change
  • I've worked closely with Chief Executives, Directors, Trustees, leaders, managers, experts, funders and commercial partners to make that change a reality
  • I've been through and led many organisation wide strategies, planning and budgeting cycles, board meeting and committee sessions to understand how to overcome the invisible barriers to change.

My digital transformation work 

Building and activating strategies

At Director and Head level, I have led the strategies, choices and frameworks to steer transformational work.

  • Digital and data transformation strategy
  • Innovation assessment and strategy
  • Digital marketing and website strategy
  • Technology and change roadmaps
Developing teams and capabilities

Nothing happens without people. I'm proud to have assembled, developed and coached high-performing teams.

  • Led digital, data and innovation teams
  • Coached human centred and agile ways of working
  • Mentored digital and fundraising professionals
  • Assessed digital and data capabilities
Product and service innovation

I've led an innovation programme that raised +£12m and teams that developed digital services for 1000s of people.

  • New fundraising products
  • Digital channels for existing services
  • Machine learning driven data selections
  • Digital activation campaigns
Practical technology choices

Often working with limited budgets, I take a pragmatic and hands-on approach to finding and implementing technology.

  • Website and CMS implementation
  • Automated CRM data and workflow processes
  • Integrated hybrid working tools
  • Agency, vendor and tech selection

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Let's get together and talk about your digital transformation. I'm happy to talk about any of my experience leading digital change and would love to hear the challenges you're facing.